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Is Your Illinois Driver’s License At Risk After A DUI Arrest?

If you have ever lost the legal ability to operate a motor vehicle after being found guilty of drunk driving — or if you were allowed to drive, but only with an ignition interlock attached to your car or truck — you know how precious your freedom of movement is, in our highly mobile culture.

When that freedom is taken away, the one person who can put this legal crisis behind you, and see to your driver’s license restoration, is an experienced DUI defense attorney. In Waukegan and surrounding areas, I want to be that dedicated legal professional for you. I am Michael J. Conway, founder of the Michael J. Conway Attorney at Law, L.L.C., law firm.

My more than 25 years of experience level the playing field for you when it appears that law enforcement has the upper hand. I am well aware of the many ways that a DUI arrest can go awry — the factors that cause police to mistake erratic driving for drunk driving. Inclement weather, hazardous roads, engine malfunctions and a pre-existing medical condition are just a few of those factors.

I am also a former senior assistant public defender. I know how to protect rights, and restore the suspended and revoked driver’s licenses of my DUI clients. I am ready to take on the challenges of your case right now.

Trusted Experience On Your Side After A License Suspension In Northeastern Illinois

Your license reinstatement issues are urgent. You need to speak to an aggressive DUI defense lawyer about possible reduction and dismissal of your charges. Contact my law firm, Michael J. Conway Attorney at Law, L.L.C. — by phone at 847-693-4222 or by email from this website. We promptly return all messages.

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