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About Michael J. Conway Attorney At Law, L.L.C.

With more than 25 years of legal experience and a track record of success to commend my Waukegan law firm, I formulate practical solutions to complex criminal law and family law matters.

I am Michael J. Conway — founder of Michael J. Conway Attorney at Law, L.L.C.

My reputation as a lawyer was built on in-depth investigation, persuasive negotiation and attentive advocacy for clients who have been accused of breaking the law, or of dividing a family through the decision to end a marriage. I also protect the rights of juveniles who are accused of crimes and delinquency, as well as handle cases of abuse and neglect of minors in a family law context.

Is your driver’s license at risk after an arrest for suspicion of drunk driving? I work hard to preserve your cherished driving privileges.

Trusted Experience On Your Side In Northeastern Illinois

Retaining my law firm to represent you amounts to working with one of your own. I was educated in Illinois, and my background includes years as an assistant public defender in Lake County.

When your future is being decided in a courtroom or your family’s well-being is at stake in a divorce case, come to the Michael J. Conway Attorney at Law, L.L.C., law firm.

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